Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Alice 2.3 in computational thinking

Alice 2.3 is a computer progaming gaming system to help develop games for the learning community. In my computer applications for educations we had to develop a game or little video for a class of our choosing. Of course I chose High School English. I developed a game where you must answer the riddle correctly to defeat the dragon. This will lead to a lesson about riddles and complicated word problems with simple answers. Then students will create their own riddle to present to the class. Working with alice 2.3 was a bit complicated you have to get camera angles right and also correct movement. I might use this program in my future class but maybe after a holiday because I will need alot of time to create a successful game.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Through the looking glass

I want to become a Highschool english teacher. While being whipped into shape for teaching my classmates and I had to look up a society we just might join in the future to benefit the future learning enviornment. I decided to choose National Council of Teachers of English. One of the reason is because they have online disscusions to share ideas on how to enhance learning in english. Also to help graduate students they host a summer confrence with ineractive workshops and mentoring to help you to become a great teacher. Another great aspect of this orginazation is they show all the job oppertunites for english teachers around the country  to help those who cannot find a job in their school district.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Face to Face Jabberwocky

Well not necessarily, Today in my computer application for education class with did face to face evaluation of our Zooburst books. When we evaluate online there is not a face to pair with the commentary, therefore you feel comfortable expressing ideas  and hearing what the other person has to say. But when you evaluate face to face a fear develops and  develops a monster what we will call a Jabberwocky when dealing with face to face confrontation. There is a sense of "Oh god what will they think?" that correlates with the facial expression of disappointment if your presentation is not up to par. Slowly this feeling melts away with a tool called acceptation. This is our Vorpal blade against the Jabberwock or our fear. The discussion becomes a comfortable safe environment to express ideas with few limitations as the fear dies and withers away. Then all is safe in your wonderland.

Photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabberwocky

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mutiple Intelligences

Today in class we studied multiple intelligences. These are different ways that a student might learn. We took a test on our own My highest scores were INTERPERSONAL(People Knowledge) and INTRAPERSONAL(Self Knowledge). We then had to use a collabrative tool with google docs by putting in all of our scores then creating a graph to show the class. I found it very challenging to create the chart. I wanted to display that Mathematical learners Scores and Musical Scores were complete opposites on most of everyone's scores including mine. After asking the teacher and a few students I was finally able to display my graph. I really enjoyed figuring out how I learn and I will for sure use this test to determine how I might go about conducting my class.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ideas and Projects including Blogs

 Today we are going to journey down the rabbit hole on my previous idea of creating blogs to use within class. I Love Love LOVE projects! (I know I'm Mad as a Hatter). To incorporate my first idea Re Cap:  Creating a blog and posting a question then having students Vlog about it on a private YouTube channel.
I want to mix the two together ,the blogging idea and projects, by creating Blogjects. I want to be an English teacher some day so of course there will be many of reading assignments but as teacher you also have to check to see if they understand the reading or are even reading the book. One of the most famous difficult reading is Scarlet Letter. Even I had trouble getting through each chapter. But my Blogject would consist of the post "I will split students within groups. Then choose modern day Common High School Groups like ones in movies and tv shows ( I will assign you a group)" . Then Students must Vlog and reenact short video version within 5:00  mins  on the private YouTube channel . Just so that they understand at least the basic story line and so they get to know their classmates better.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blogging In The Education Wonderland

To be a Teacher most people think we are Crazy or Mad. The truth of the matter is in fact we have a different mindset or reality. Blogs can help express a Teachers ideas to students that are glued at the hips to the internet. Instead of viewing this topic as a handicapped I view it as an tool(Crazy Right?). Through blogging I would want a the student or any one to to learn that First You can feel comfortable expressing your opinions. Second It is okay to be open (Being PG rated of course) about anything in relation to the topic. This results in the Final and Third goal of learning through a blog is seeing the subject through other peoples eyes and minds. Blogging truly give meaning to the quote "walk a mile in my shoes" because you can with seeing others opinions and responses. To evaluate if you have learned anything I would choose a host site such as you tube and create a private channel where you would have to upload a video of your reposes to the subject within discussion answering certain questions given to you, the student by me, the teacher.